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Week 2

Posted on: July 9, 2009

What basic functions will the system need to provide?

The basic functions which the system should handle are

1: Providing a confirmation of booking for the customer.

2: Dealing with financial issues like calculating the expenses for accommodation, food (if any) etc and processing their payments and generating a receipt.

3: It should also be able to provide with the details of previous and future bookings given a specific period on    demand (e.g. like providing with the details of previous month bookings and next month bookings).

What information do you need to find out about the business processes to develop a detailed understanding of the required system?

Accommodation cost: The cost per night which includes both Accommodation and meals.

Payment methods: Payment can be done through EFTPOS and credit cards

Booking method: Client can book for accommodation through mail, e-mail or phone, which are processed through their officer computer (in-house booking).

Confirmation of booking: Processed client request is sent back to the client through e-mail, post or fax.

End of client’s stay: The bill includes accommodation costs, restaurant cost, swimming pool and outdoor spa. If a client doesn’t stay on appointed day, still client have to pay for the day he/she booked, for this Rainforest Hideaway would need to acquire credit card number.

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