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week 3

Posted on: July 27, 2009

1) What is involved when outsourcing system development?


Outsourcing: The technique used by the organisations or companies to develop/build their systems using the third party sources .In other words, Companies sub-contracts any other companies to develop the systems or to complete the Job is called Outsourcing.

The Major reason to outsource the project is for cost cutting.

The major activities involved when outsourcing system development are

  1. Fact finding
  2. Development of system

Fact finding: Some techniques are involved in finding the facts

  • Observation
  • Research
  • Interviewing
  • Sampling
  • Surveys
  • questionnaires

Development of system: Other major activity involved in outsourcing is to develop the system. System can be developed using the facts that are found in earlier process.

2)What is involved when developing systems in-house?


The Major activities involved when developing systems in-house are

  • System analysis
  • System development

System analysis: Analysis phase is used to analyse the system requirements to visualize the clear picture of the system to develop .

The activities involved in the phase are

  • Requirements modelling
  • Data and process modelling
  • Object modelling
  • Development strategies

System development: In the process of developing the system in-house, system0 analyst document the collected and analysed information carefully   and record it .Such that he can describe the information system properly for the development of the system.

3) What textbooks, journals and/or websites might be useful to search for articles about discussing the topic?


Text book prescribed for this Course is

Shelly, G & Rosenblatt, H 2010, systems analysis and design, 8th edition, Course Technology, Boston.

Research is the best way to search for the articles about the discussion of the required topic .

White papers can be found about the topics in the internet.

Books related to the topic can be found from the internet .example : Books from the google and yahoo

Journels about the topic can be found from the popular discussion forums

and many more

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