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week 12

Posted on: October 13, 2009

1.What was the most difficult assessment item you completed in COIS20025 this term?

First assessment was difficult to me .

2.What was difficult about it and how would you suggest it could be improved?

Drawing the data flow diagrams was difficult to me using the drawing tools. This was solved once the assessment was completed by going through the tutorials using the internet and consulting the friends.


3.Name three (3) things you learnt this term in COIS20025.

In this term, I have learnt

Different system development strategies

Managing the systems implementation, support and securities.

Different Ethical and social issues involved in the system development process


4.What career are you working towards?

I am working towards being the system analyst.


5.How will you be able to use the knowledge and skills learnt in this course in your future career?

From this course, I learnt about the different phases involved in the system development life cycle which would help in applying them in implementation of system development in any organisation and solve their system development problems.

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