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week 8

Posted on: September 9, 2009

1) Dingsoyr, T. (2004). Software process improvement: 11th European conference. EuroSPI.

The book software process improvement gives the exact differences as well as the similarities between the outsource development and the In house development of the software. It covers the issues like strategies of outsourcing and development of the enterprise by outsourcing the software.


2) John T . Boardman, B. T. (2001). structured engagement in the extended enterprise. international journal of operations and production management , 795-811.

This article gives the clear explanation of the outsourcing and the in-house development with the live examples and their definitions. The current journal also Describes a current “action research” towards the outsource project that is investigating potential lead-time reductions within an extended enterprise’s product introduction process. This aims to produce process visualizations, a framework for structuring and synchronizing phases and stage-gates within the extended enterprise, and a new simulation tool which will provide a synthetic distributed hypermedia network.

3) Marc J. Schniederjans, A. M. (2005). Outsourcing and insourcing in an international context . M.E sharpe,Inc.

This book starts with the definitions of the outsourcing and the in-house development and are been elaborately explained in international context. The information in the book relates to the course outcome. Topics in the book covered includes why use of outsourcing, strategic planning in core competencies, the economics of outsourcing and outsourcing trends. By covering all these topics it also gave clear explanation of the advantages and the disadvantages of outsourcing and in-house development.

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